Blue Sticky Kicks R/C Tire Traction Sauce 4oz (Sticky Kicks)

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Blue Sticky Kicks R/C Tire Traction Sauce 4oz

BLUE (High Bite, Aggressive, Best on clay surfaces)

The Sticky Kicks Team is comprised of Hardcore R/C Racing addicts looking to bring you the ultimate in tire traction for all types of R/C Racing. 

Sticky Kicks was born at OC/RC Raceway in Orange County, CA. Us locals felt there had to be a better option to the harsh compounds that were available so they set out to formulate and develop a Superior Tire Sauce without the nasty fumes and the excessive tire wear. The result of there hardwork and development is Sticy Kicks R/C Tire Conditioner and Traction Sauce.

Although the formulas are quite different, they have received incredible feedback from local drivers including Pro's who have used Sticky Kicks on muititude of racing surfaces and track conditions from Wet Clay to Dry Blue Groove, Carpet and Asphalt R/C Tracks.

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