Veterans and First Responders

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Here at Michael's RC Hobbies, we are proud to support our Military and First Responders.

If you are a Veteran, you have our undying respect and gratitude. It's more important than ever that our Veterans receive our support and gratitude for protecting the United States and its citizens at home and abroad. We can never repay the debt we owe them, yet they enter service knowing this, and so often live the rest of their lives with the wounds of having served.
“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” ~G.K. Chesterton

To the First responders of our great nation, we cannot thank you enough for your sacrifice and dedication to our community.  Incidents like 9/11, the pandemic of 2020, are some of the tragedies when our first responders, were always there to combat any adversity to save thousand of lives and sacrificed their own. Our love, respect, gratitude towards them is endless and we would love to extend our support to them

To say thank you the best way we can, we would like to offer 5% store wide. But to make sure this doesn't get abused. We require some verification.

To Verify Active Duty/Veterans/First Responder Status:
1. Please create an account on our site.
2. Send an email (same as account) with a picture;
Active Duty: photo of your DOD CAC card.
Veterans: photo of your DL with Veteran Status (If your state does that) or a copy of your DD-214 Form 1 or 4

*You can black out your SSN, as we only need to see your name and Honorable Discharge Status

To Verify First Responder Status:
1. Please create an account on our site.
2. Send an email (same as account) with a photo of a Valid State or federal-issued First Responders ID Card.
As always, Thank You for Service to our country and community.


Notice: We reserve the right to revoke the discount at anytime if we feel that the discount is being abused or shared

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