PRO6324-02 RC Airbrush Body Paint - Matte Clear (Proline Racing)

PRO6324-02 RC Airbrush Body Paint - Matte Clear

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PRO6324-02 RC Airbrush Body Paint - Matte Clear

RC Airbrush Body Paint - Matte Clear 

This Pro-Line RC Body Paint Matte Clear specially formulated for Polycarbonate. Matte Clear is great for adding a unique flat look to the outside of your body and for adding another protective layer onto the inside of your paint jobs. Please note that any paint on the outside of your body can be scratched off from crashes. Developed by R/C body painters for painters, this water-based airbrush paint is ultra-flexible, extremely durable and easy to use. Have the confidence that you are spraying the best!

Ready to Spray
This pre-thinned airbrush paint makes it easy to grab the color you want and spray without the hassle of mixing (using a 0.5mm tip @ 30psi). You may reduce the paint with #6324-00 Paint Reducer (sold separately) for smaller tips or specific applications. 

Specially Formulated for Polycarbonate
Pro-Line R/C Paint is a high-performance durable water-based airbrush paint that is specially formulated to meet the extreme requirements of polycarbonate R/C Bodies. It is durable yet flexible to allow R/C bodies to deform and come back to their shape. You will not only get great performance, you also get the same color options chosen by the experts.



  • Use right out of the bottle (0.5mm tip @ 30psi)
  • Apply medium, non-wetted coats
  • May be reduced 5-10% with #6324-00 Paint Reducer (Sold Separately) for smaller tips and other specific applications


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