HUD108160 Hudy 1/10 Off-Road Car Stand (Hudy)

HUD108160 Hudy 1/10 Off-Road Car Stand

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HUD108160 Hudy 1/10 Off-Road Car Stand


Redesigned and improved HUDY stylish car stand for 1/10 off-road cars. Features new lower and more compact rubber feet that make the stand more stable.

Very nice and clean smooth design. The surface is black powder coated for maximum long life and to withstand abusive working conditions. Very low profile makes it very handy to pack for travel.


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Four rubber feet ensure that the stand will stay firmly in place and not move while working on the car. Two super-soft foam strips bonded to the top surface ensure that the car will sit softly and will not move while you’re working on it.

Printed with stylish HUDY graphics and logos.

Four strategically placed holes on the side of the stand provide a secure placement for shocks during rebuilds. The holes are additionally labeled with FL, FR, RL, and RR symbols to allow easy recognition of the different shocks to ensure you can easily identify the shocks.


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