XRA301202 Xray T4 T3 T2 Composite Bumper (Xray)

301202 T2 Composite Bumper

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301202 T2 Composite Bumper


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Lower bumper holder made from tough composite material. Fits XRAY T2, T3 T4 cars.


Fits   XRAY T2
  XRAY T2 007 US Foam-Spec Edition
  XRAY T2 007 EU Rubber-Spec Edition
  XRAY T2 008 EU Rubber-Spec 5-Cell Edition
  XRAY T2 008 EU Rubber-Spec 6-Cell Edition
  XRAY T2 008 US Foam-Spec 6-Cell Edition
  XRAY T2 009 EU Rubber-Spec 6-Cell Edition
  XRAY T2 009 US Foam-Spec 6-Cell Edition
  XRAY T3 EU Rubber-Spec Edition
  XRAY T3 US Foam-Spec Edition
  XRAY T3 2011 Specs
  XRAY T3 2012 Specs
  XRAY T4 2014 Specs
  XRAY T4 2015 Specs
  XRAY T4 2016 Specs
  XRAY T4 2017 Specs
  XRAY T4 2018 Specs



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