XTA-XS-59606RD Red Xtra Speed SCX10 Tanky All Terrain Tracks (2) (Xtra Speed)

XTA-XS-59606RD Red Xtra Speed SCX10 Tanky All Terrain Tracks (2)

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XTA-XS-59606RD Red Xtra Speed SCX10 Tanky All Terrain Tracks (2)


Xtra Speed Tanky All Terrain Tracks are designed to make your rig excel in extreme and difficult terrain. The continuous track design will make it much less likely to get stuck in soft ground, mud, or snow since they distribute the weight of the vehicle over a larger contact area.
The Xtra Speed Tanky Tracks comes with 2 set of rubber tracks. One is the general patterned track that cope with most surfaces. The other tracks feature a more aggressive tread pattern to provide more pushing power and is dedicated for slippery surfaces.
NOTE: To mount this item on SCX10, you will need Xtra Speed Front Hub (XTA-XS-SCX22123) and Rear Hub (XTA-XS-SCX22124). To mount on the Wraith, you will need Front Hub (XTA-XS-AW230025) and Rear Hub (XTA-XS-AW230024).
  • Fits Axial SCX10, Axial Wraith
  • Machined Aluminum Components
  • Silver and Blue Anodized
  • Improve Crawl-ability
  • Full Bearing Setup
  • Adjustable Tension
  • 2 Sets Of Track For various surface
Length: 136mm (Without Track)
Width: 42mm
Height: 79mm (Without Track)
Hex Size: 12mm
  • Two Pairs is needed to complete a 2 axles / 4 wheel truck.
  • Using the track on every corner is recommend but not compulsory. With only one pair installed on a truck, you will have a gearing change between the normal wheels and the Tracks. If mounting the tracks on the front it will cause push / under steer.
  • Higher Gearing is need to achieve the same speed when the wheels are changed to tracks
  • (2) Rubber Track Normal Tread 
  • (2) Rubber Track Aggressive Tread 
  • (2) Tractor Wheel Unit 
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