SER400033 Medius X20 1/10 EP Electric Touring Car Kit (Serpent)

SER400033 Medius X20 1/10 EP Electric Touring Car Kit

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SER400033 Medius X20 1/10 EP Electric Touring Car Kit


Suspension Geometry Base on Project 4X touring Car, the 2016-2017 IFMAR World Championship 3rd place 2016 EFRA EC A-main finalist, 2017 Multiple ETS A-main finalist.



New Chassis plate carbon with better flex characteristic



X20 is the result of utilizing past years design of the Eryx and 4x 1/10 touring car.

The chassis is based on the popular Medius mid-motor design, using a lightweight and strong 1 piece motor mount concept, without any interference between the front and rear chassis flex while still allowing center flex adjustability. The advantage of this style of design is to allow maximum flex capabilities without impacting the drivetrain, meaning smoother power delivery, more consistency and less chance of stripping spurs.

Suspension and Steering:
Using the last 4 years of development the X20 keeps the successful 4X proven pivot ball style setup allowing for easy and fast adjustments to camber, toe, track width, etc. A new 2 point steering crank system has been implemented for more Akerman adjustment, this coupled with 4X geometry guarantees race success!

Continuing from what we have learned from other RC platforms we now introduce a new suspension arm design, allowing the ability to adjust arm flex! Multiple styles of carbon and other materials will be available as optional items to fine-tune your X20’s grip and feel for whichever track you are on.

Understanding the Eryx’s sway bar system then combining with 4X concepts, the all-new X20 Low Centre of Gravity (LCG) Anti-roll bar system is able to lower the sway bar point on the bulkhead without limiting the leverage point by connecting to the upper arm. A smart system that achieves the best of being LCG while retaining optimal performance.

The X20 features a more traditional approach to the shock absorbers in comparison to the 4X, making it more user-friendly with less complication. We have focused on producing the highest quality components to ensure the best fitment. Utilizing our smoothest leak proof X ring we believe the X20 shock absorber is a game changer!

Our proven drivetrain is efficient and as lightweight as possible for maximum durability, 7075 T6 Aluminium rear CVD’s and a Chatter free DJC system upfront from Serpent spring Steel. Hard-Anodized center pulleys keep the Kevlar-reinforced equal length belts running smooth and true. Coming as standard equipment we include the bladeless hardened steel outdrives connected to the ultra-lite front spool.



Medius concept Upper deck

Using the Medius design, having a Split cut front for easy install while the rear designs and plan to let customer custom adjust flex by leaving room to cut and mount post to adjust flex.



All New 50mm shock dampers with 12mm shock body and Universal shock-springs

All new Shock systems using Eryx’s traditional style to give the user the easy understand back into the Serpent Touring car platform. X20 focuses on making the best fitment this time by creating the smoothest Leakproof x ring. After countless of fitment test and x ring swell test, the X20 shock is the game-changer.



Medius Motor mount for complete flex control,

Extremely low 7075 T6 aluminum motor mount, Working with the Medius design, this motor proof to separate the flex by the motor and the front and rear chassis flex.



All new impact proof bumpers and new body post position

In the front, a strong bumper-set using a large size but light foam bumper is sandwiched between the lower composite bumper and upper graphite holder. The flexible molded body posts with swivel-system go all through. Optional body height systems are available.



Narrow Bulkhead Design with ball bearing sway bar mount



Multiple center Flex screws adjustment for chassis stiffness



Optional Rear Center Flex adjustment with butterfly style stiffener



Ultra-Low sway bar position

Understanding the Eryx’s sway bar system and combine with the 4x concepts, the x20 LCG Anti-roll bar system able to lower the sway bar point on the bulkhead without limit its leverage point by connecting to the upper arm. A smart system which achieves the best of being lcg and retain it’s the best performance.



All-New Front and Rear Suspension arm with the X20 “X brace” stiffener



All New Ackerman steering system

The ball raced aluminum steering system consists While the adopter the latest Ackerman and 2 point crank system steering rack.



Upper Arm mount and 1 piece shim system



All New Bulkhead with tradition Cam-type belt adjustment



After 4 years of learning of the Project 4x, we took what we learn and evolve into what you see today. The all-new Serpent X20 Medius. Using the same Pivot ball style suspension and geometry from the 4x, the New X20 Medius is a combination of the S411, 4x and what currently trending Mid motor design. With the advantage of the wide adjustment in an easy to understand approach, Customers can now enjoy our R&D result for the past 4 years of the 4x with a normal suspension system.



Overview of the main specs
- All new Serpent Adjustable 50mm shock with 12mm oversize shock body
- All new Serpent Linear bigger bore springs
- Dampers include machined pistons for best possible consistency
- Traditional style ball raced LCG Anti-roll bar
- Pivot ball suspension with small balls for simplicity and free movement
- 4x style arm mount with adjustable castor
- Easy diff and spool removal
- Extremely low center of gravity
- The all-new steering system for Ackermann geometry
- Motor mount holder with adjustable flex
- Re-Active rear steering RRS system is standard
- 1 piece shaft and motor mount allow easy maintenance and changing of spur gears
- Durable and smooth gear differential
- Battery mounting system allows different size and height battery
- Lightweight front aluminum spool with hardened steel outdrives, bladeless
- Carbon fiber chassis in 2.25mm as standard
- DJC system in the front made out of spring-steel prevent wheel chatter and rear regular cvd’s made out of 7075 T6 aluminum save weight
- Even length Kevlar-reinforced drive belt and super true running pulleys, midshaft pulleys made out of hard-anodized aluminum for maximum durability




Suspension system using the 4 years of testing and result from the 4x platform, keeping the Pivot ball style suspension and allow easy to adjust camber, track width, toe…. The X20 will continue the 4x suspension & steering geometry’s success story.

Steering blocks/uprights
In the front and rear, the same steering blocks/uprights are in use. The pivot ball system allows for easy and quick set-up changes and works very smoothly. In the front, there are 4 Ackermann positions and shimming below the steering rod can be used for fine-tuning of the bump steer characteristics. In the rear, the system allows setting Reactive Rear Steering. This RRS system allows for a change of toe-in while the suspension compresses and thus increases corner speed.



Gear differential
The nicely shaped gear differential features molded internal gears which makes it super smooth. The compact and light unit holds a good amount of oil to deliver consistent performance throughout the run. It is fast and easy to take out and re-mount the differential.



Front spool
The coated aluminum front spool with lightened spring steel outdrives is a bladeless type which ensures superb handling and durability throughout the race. It is fast and easy to take out and re-mount the spool



The transmission system consists of large diff and spool pullies and efficient low friction belts. The light build in center shaft pullies is durable coated aluminum units.
Midshaft section
The ball raced durable mid shaft design to be 1 piece with 2 pullies as well as the spur in place. The assembly is super easy to build and maintain.



Carbon fiber chassis in 2.25mm thickness. Countersunk holes and designed to have equal flex left to right. An Aluminium 2.0mm Medium flex chassis is also kit optional for carpet condition.



Battery mounts
State of the art battery mounts made in aluminum and carbon fiber and allow taller and shorty battery to be secure in place. Using a step and hook design, battery tape is not an optional any longer.



Floating servo mount
The servo mount is a combination of a carbon brace and aluminum posts. The carbon brace is bolted to the central brace and does not touch the chassis to prevent any flex influence



In the front, the X20 features durable spring steel double joint Cardan shafts, combined with the pin type spool.
In the rear lightweight coated aluminum CVD style dog bones are used with durable spring steel wheel axles.
Both front and rear wheel hexes are a lightweight aluminum design



The suspension arm is an all-new redesign to improve adjustability. With multiple styles of carbon plate and material hardness, the X20 suspension arm is the perfect solution to the mass variety of track conditions.



The kit contains a Serpent logo decal sheet and an X20 logo-sheet.

High quality, high precision lubricated long-life bearings made of hardened steel throughout.

High quality steel fasteners for durability. Minimised number of different screws for ease of assembly and maintenance

The full-color manual is supplied on a nice carbon look USB stick and the latest version and updates can be downloaded from the Serpent website. The manual features an extensive assembly explanation, as well as all, exploded views. The exploded views are active, so when clicking a part number it will take you to the right part number on our website.

As set-up sheets, a blank, a default and an editable pdf file is supplied and updates and set-ups from team drivers are online on our website, too
The serpent is preparing some videos which show the key features as well as the key assembly steps and how to set up and maintain the X20.

X20 car design

X20 is resulted in utilizing the past years design of the Eryx and 4x 1/10 touring car.
The range of options for the X20 is small as Serpent made the car top-level racing ready.
Key options are the different springs used in Shock damper, the lightweight/flex chassis plate, Arm Stiffener, and Shock tower stiffener

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