R110005 Double Ceramic Full Ceramic Bearings (2pc) (R1wurks)

R110005 Double Ceramic Full Ceramic Bearings (2pc)

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R110005 Double Ceramic Full Ceramic Bearings (2pc)

Upgraded endbell bearings by Double Ceramic

 Double Ceramic’s Full Ceramic 540 Motor Bearing (R2 ⅛ x ⅜ x 5/32)  are constructed with Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2) balls and races, which has 80% less friction than bare stainless steel balls, while also being 40% lighter. This results in less centrifugal force on the balls and less heat generation between the balls and races.  This bearing also uses a variation of our custom molded PEEK cage, resulting in no magnetic interference in brushless motors. This means the rotor is free to spin up to speed quicker, and achieve a higher RPM since the magnetic interference is eliminated on the bearing. The Full Ceramic Motor Bearing also contains no shielding, further reducing friction and increasing high RPM capability.

Full ceramic medical grade construction (Balls and races are both fully ceramic)

White in color  
Increased motor efficiency and RPM 
No shields 
80% Less friction than standard stainless steel bearings

To increase the life of this bearing it is recommended to lubricate the bearing everyday it is used, and also do not clean with any acetone based cleaners. 

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