A800-ST17-1-S Universal Ring Set for Awesomatix A800MMX (Awesomatix)

A800-ST17-1-S Universal Ring Set

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A800-ST17-1-S Universal Ring Set



  1. Easy assembling. ST38 Universal Nuts screw onto ST17-1 Universal Ring at the final stage of assembling.
  2. Reduced backlash with improved concentricity and precision.
  3. At least three times longer life than standard ST17.
  4. Ability to tune the angular speed fluctuations ( inconstancy). This can be used to create chatter wich may be desirable on some track conditions. This feature is possible by using the shifted slot pairs of ST17-1 for the dog bone and the wheel axle. The recommended wrench for screwing is 3/8 US standard wrench ( ~ 9,53 mm).
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