Roller "Pucks" .150 x .093 Rebuild Kit (MIP)

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Nothing lasts forever, but MIP Roller Pucks™ come pretty close. This all in one kit is directly targeted towards those that have MIP Pucks™ (steel outdrives) and want to upgrade to our NEW Roller Pucks™ system which features a metal rolling bushing rather than a plastic sliding puck. MIP’s Roller Puck™ refresh kit is a direct replacement for those kits that use the #1 Pucks™. Keep saving money and keeping those drivetrains fresh with MIP’s Roller Pucks™ System, .150 x .093 Rebuild Kit! 100% manufactured in the USA!

MIP Pucks™ drive rebuild kit

Update your MIP Pucks™ to MIP Roller Pucks™
Rebuild MIP Roller Pucks™
Save Money
Longer Lasting

100% Made in the USA!

MIP Confetti Sticker (2), MIP Lube & Thread Gel Cup (1), MIP Roller Puck (4), MIP Roller Puck Pin (2), BHCS 1-72 x 1/8 Button Head (3),

.050 in. Allen Key – (Suggest - #9000 MIP Hex Driver Wrench .050 in. or #9000S MIP Speed Tip™ .050 inch Hex Driver Wrench Insert)
1.5mm Allen Key – (Suggest - #9007 MIP Hex Driver Wrench 1.5 or #9007S MIP Speed Tip™ 1.5mm Hex Driver Wrench Insert)

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